In recent years, the Bucknell University Department of Biology has established a dynamic group of professors and postdoctoral researchers with teaching and research interests in ecology, evolution, botany, behavior, conservation, and other aspects of organismal biology. This is a young group of professors, with internationally recognized research programs spanning a wide range of ecological, behavioral, and evolutionary questions. Particular strengths include botany, vertebrate and invertebrate behavior, aquatic ecology, plant/animal interactions, systematics, and entomology.

Active Research Projects

Each of these professors is a teacher/scholar with active research projects involving undergraduate and sometimes masters-level students. The geographical and intellectual breadth of these research programs is impressive, ranging from studies on the effects of acid mine drainage in Pennsylvania streams to the mating system of frigate birds on northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Facilities and Resources

Extensive resources for ecological and evolutionary studies are available at Bucknell, many on par with those found at major research universities. But here at Bucknell, they are destined to enrich the undergraduate learning experience. These facilities include:

Furthermore, Bucknell has cooperative agreements with several field stations to host our research and teaching activities. Bucknell also owns the 66 acre Chillisquaque Creek Natural Area located 11 miles east of campus, a mixed succession stream-side farm that is available for student projects. Additionally, Bucknell is a member of the Marine Science Education Consortium (MSEC) at Duke University Marine Laboratory, the Organization for Tropical Studies, and the Duke University Marine Sciences Education Consortium.

Course Offerings

Bucknell University is a national leader in placing its students in Ph.D. programs, and has course offerings on par with major research universities. Bucknell's programs in Animal Behavior and Environmental Studies are strong, and many of our first-year students choose to live in the Environmental Residential College. In brief, we offer students interested in undergraduate studies in Ecology and Evolution all the amenities of a major research university, but within the context of a student-centered, liberal arts education. As faculty, we have chosen Bucknell because of the opportunities it gives us to teach the subjects and students we love, well.