Biology Department

Cacti Bench

Tropical and Temperate Forests

Biology's rooftop greenhouses are used for both teaching and research. Room 409 houses the museum collection, while room 410 is used for research projects. All greenhouse preparations are conducted in rooms 402, 403, and 404.


1. Many of the plants overhang the aisles between greenhouse benches. Certain plants are damaged by handling. Also, you can be hurt as well, particularly by the spines or thorns on many plants. So it is a good idea to look, but be careful if you touch.

2. How to read pot labels: Labels usually bear the Latin binomial (genus and species). The labels also should have the family name (sometimes on the back). According to the rules of nomenclature, family names end in an aceae (the mustard family is Brassacaceae, for example). However, four older traditional family names persist that do not end in aceae (e.g., Leguminosae for the bean family, Compositae for the sunflower family). We are also actively adding common names to the labels.

The plants of the Bucknell greenhouse are more or less grouped by ecosystems including desert, freshwater wetlands (e.g., ponds and bogs), and tropical and temperate forests.