Biology Department

The biology imaging center houses confocal, upright, inverted, and stereo microscopes as well as jointly operating a state of the art environmental scanning electron instrument in conjunction with the Geology department.  Advanced optical techniques such as differential interference contrast, phase contrast, and fluorescence are implemented on several pieces of the equipment.

The electron microscopy instrumentation consists of a Philips Quanta-400 scanning electron microscope which is equipped with a peltier cooling stage, EDAX EDS detector, and an EBSD detector.  The confocal microscopes are a Leica SP5 along with a Nikon PCM2000.  A steromicroscope (Nikon SMZ1500) has been adapted for fluorescence imaging.  Histology equipment includes an automated tissue processor, several microtomes and ultra microtomes, glass knife makers, an embedding station, and diamond knives for the preparation of tissues for microscopic observation.


Images taken at the Imaging Center

Images taken with the Leica SP5 confocal microscope 

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