Biology Department

Bucknell University has joined the Marine Science Education Consortium (MSEC) at Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Through this relationship, Bucknell students will have full access to off-campus study programs during fall and spring semesters and summer programs. MSEC offers intensive courses in marine and coral reef ecology, physiology of marine animals, and conservation and management of coastal ecosystems. Several courses include prolonged overseas excursions to Trinidad (sea turtle conservation), Singapore (urban tropical ecology), and Hawaii (marine conservation ecology).

Courses are taught sequentially at Duke Marine Lab, so students are immersed in subjects during each 3.5-week course. Students are also able to participate in independent research to customize a project as part of their experience. MSEC programs also include the possibility of taking a physics course, which has been approved by the Bucknell Physics Department to substitute for either Physics 211 or 212, depending on which course the student takes at Duke.

For more information about the MSEC at Duke Marine Lab, please contact Dr. Beth Capaldi ( or Dr. Matt McTammany ( or visit the MSEC website (