Published and Unpublished Information on Local Ecological Habitats

Acid Precipitation

Groundtruthing and Potential for Predicting Acid Deposition Impacts in Headwater Streams Using Bedrock Geology, GIS, Angling, and Stream Chemistry Kirby, C. S et al., 2008 
An Assessment of the Effects of Acid Deposition on Chemistry and Brook Trout Populations in Headwater Streams Originating in the Tuscarora Formation, Valley and Ridge Province, Pennsylvania McInerrny, 2006

Bucknell Chillisquaque Creek Natural Area

Directions to the Bucknell Natural Area
Checklist of the Natural Area Plants and Animals
Quantitative Qualitative Vegetation Study Karen Tarnow ,1984
Soils Soil Drainage Ben Marsh, 1983
Four Wintering Bird Species David DeLuca, 1981
History Natural Area Cherri Smith, 1984
Management Landscape Ecology Kevin Regan, 1990
Management Plan Cherri Smith, 1985

Campus and Susquehanna River

Campus Riparian Trees Sue Atkins 1938
Miller Run Report and PowerPoint Stream Restoration class Spring 2009
Biological, chemical and physical effects of land use on Limestone Run, Union County, Pennsylvania Dohoney 2004

Dales Ridge

Vegetation Succession Dales Ridge Hawkes Abrahamson, 1994
Woody Plants Dales Ridge Montgomery, 1958

Mohn Mill Natural Area

Successional Changes Mohn Mill Abrahamson Gohn, 2004

Montandon Wetlands

Breeding Bird Survey Mecum 1992
Montandon Marsh Dune Vegetation Zalewski, 1998
Montandon Marsh Vegetation Hochman et al., J PA Acad Sci, 1996
Montandon Marsh Vegetation Map Meriwether et al., 1975
Montandon Marsh Vegetation Study Hochman Honors, 1992
Notes on Montandon Marsh Meriwether et al., 1975
Vegetation Montandon North of Route 45 Chartrand, 1994
Vegetation Northern Montandon Swamp & Woodland Frisbee, 1955

Shamokin Creek Watershed

Effects of Abandoned Coal-Mine Drainage on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Shamokin Creek Basin, Northumberland and Columbia Counties, Pennsylvania, 1999-2001 Cravotta, C.A. III and Kirby, C.S., 2004
Aeration to degas CO2, increase pH, and increase iron oxidation rates for efficient treatment of net alkaline mine drainage Kirby et al., 2009
Scarlift Site 42 Mine Drainage Assessment - GEOL 205 class, 2008

Snyder-Middleswarth State Park (Tall Timbers)

Composition & Tree-Size Distribution Zawadzkas & Abrahamson, 2003