Biochemsitry lab facilities.

Developed jointly by the biology and chemistry departments, the major in cell biology and biochemistry at Bucknell is interdisciplinary in nature. The Bachelor of Science major is designed for students who are interested in understanding living organisms at the cellular and molecular level. This course of study will provide strong foundations in both biology and chemistry and will offer the student both the intellectual and the laboratory skills to grapple with questions at the interface of these two disciplines. In addition to a rigorous scientific education, this program enables students to gain a strong background in the liberal arts and to think critically about the impact of biotechnology on social and ethical issues.

The major in cell biology/biochemistry will focus on subdisciplines within biology and chemistry such as immunology, genetic engineering, nucleic acids, biomembrane function, cell biology of cancer, and enzymology. This program strongly emphasizes independent student research, including both seminar programs and hands-on research. A major in cell biology/biochemistry offers students an excellent preparation for careers in biotechnology, biomedical technology, medicine, pharmacology and bioengineering. It also is an excellent foundation for students preparing for entrance into Ph.D. programs in cell and molecular biology or biochemistry or Ph.D./M.D. programs in medically related fields.

The recommended sequence for the bachelor of science major can be found in the current Course Catalog.