Molecular biologists must look well beyond carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen to understand the structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules. Metalloproteins are common in all proteomes and involve metals such as zinc, iron, etc. in structural and functional capacities. The interactions of DNA and RNA with sodium and magnesium cations are needed to stabilize their structures. And drug development has seen a rapid growth in the inclusion of inorganic elements. Studying the dynamics and structures of bioinorganic biomolecules presents unique challenges and opportunities that we are setting out to address.

Our goals are to prepare small metalloproteins and other systems that contain inorganic elements and characterize both their structure and dynamic behavior. We will focus on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance to carry out our studies. Group members are also involved in computational projects and in NMR education projects.

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David Rovnyak
Professor of Chemistry


215 Rooke Chemistry Bldg
P: 570.577.3676