Professor Strein has three active areas of research in analytical chemistry.  The first two areas involve the use of capillary electrophoresis (CE), an efficient liquid-phase separation technique.  Current CE work is aimed at one of two overarching goals: (1) developing novel low-volume, in-column reaction assays at the nanoliter level by electrophoretically mixing ionic reactant solutions, and then concentrating or "stacking" the ion products that are generated, and (2) developing and understanding chiral CE-based separations that employ bile salts as the chiral selector.  The second project also involves collaborative work with the Rovnyak group to look at both the structure (by NMR) and thermodynamics (by ITC) of intermolecular interactions involving bile salt micelles in aqueous solution.

Recently, the Strein group has established a new area of active interest that is aimed at investigating the utility of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) to determine small molecule drugs in biofluids.  This very recent (2016) initiative, spurred by a collaboration with Dr. Li Zhang of Geisinger Health Systems, has received seed funding through the Bucknell-Geisinger Research Initiative program.    

Finally, Professor Strein has a long-standing interest in the development and use of novel microvoltammetric electrodes.  Though there is currently no on-going laboratory work in this area in the Strein labs, the interest and equipment to continue such work remains. 

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