Library Collection and Instructional Media

The Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and the Bertrand Library have ensured that the library possesses extensive holdings in a broad range of areas related to the ancient world. Its collection is clearly exceptional for an undergraduate institution. In addition to the resources of the Library's Instructional Media Services, our departmental media collection boasts a variety of tapes, films, and a comprehensive slide library with over 5,000 images which provides visual coverage of all major sites in the ancient world as well as strong holdings in the areas of ancient technology, drama, and religion and which is presently being converted to a digital format. Recently, Bucknell has added a large collection of digital images from Saskia in a searchable database for on-campus instructional use. Instructors can also use this to create on-line slide shows. || View existing Saskia slide shows.

Study Abroad & Field Experience

A majority of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies students take advantage of the university's international studies opportunities to spend a semester or summer in Athens, Rome, or other locations. The department encourages students with an interest in archaeological field work to spend a season at one of the projects with which it is affiliated. Students in the department have excavated recently at Caesaria, Carthage, and Aqaba.

Hands-On Research at Bucknell

The Archaeological Laboratory houses the department's extensive collection of excavated ancient glass and other artifacts. This facility welcomes students with an interest in ancient material culture to participate in the ongoing study of ancient glass artifacts from several major sites in the classical world.

Computer/Web Resources

The department makes active use of Perseus and other computer based learning and research tools in many of its courses. There are many sites related to Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies on the web today and a number of classrooms on campus now are equipped with multi-media equipment to exploit the visual richness of classical studies. The recent addition of Saskia database of digital images is just one example of how the department and university are responding to opportunities provided by technological innovations.

Web Resources

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