Additional detail about the major and minor requirements can be found in the Course Catalog.

Applying for Admission to the Economics Major

Although anyone can take economics courses, students must apply for admission to the economics major in the spring of their sophomore year. We admit approximately 100 majors per class year.

If you are considering applying to be an economics major, we strongly urge you to register for economics courses during your first year. (see FAQs page for additional information)

Acceptance to the major is based on academic achievement in core economics courses (ECON 103, ECON 257, ECON 258 and ECON 259). The economics department uses normalized grades (adjusted for the class GPA) to determine which students are admitted.

Students who apply for admission to the Economics major must have completed Calculus (MATH 192 or MATH 201) with a passing grade prior to their application. AP or transfer credit for Math 192 or MATH 201 will suffice to meet this requirement.

Students must have also completed ECON 103 prior to their application. Taking additional core economics courses after ECON 103 can improve the chances of getting into the major. A student who has an AP or transfer credit for ECON 103 must have completed at least one core intermediate economics course (ECON 257, ECON 258 or ECON 259) prior to their application.

Any applicant who could not gain admission to economics major can reapply after they take additional core intermediate economics courses.

General Requirements for the Major

The economics major requires 10 course credits:

  • ECON 103 (Economic Principles and Problems)
  • ECON 257 (Intermediate Macroeconomics)
  • ECON 258 (Intermediate Political Economy)
  • ECON 259 (Intermediate Mathematical Microeconomics)
  • At least three economics electives; with at least one at the 300-level or above
  • Culminating Experience
  • MATH 192 or 201 (Calculus)
  • MATH 216 (Statistics)

Minoring in Economics

The requirements for the minor in Economics are

  • ECON 103
  • Four economics electives (200-level or above)