Program Director, Professor Joe Murray


As part of graduate studies at Bucknell, the education department seeks to cultivate citizens who are broadly educated, thoughtful, and committed to lifelong learning as a means to better themselves and society. Our blend of social sciences and professional preparation coursework is theoretically grounded and presents issues within social contexts that are diverse and evolving.  The Master of Science degree in education (MSED) is offered in college student personnel.

Admission Requirements

Students desiring to pursue graduate work in education are required to meet the University's general admission requirements and regulations for graduate study at the University. A candidate's undergraduate and/or graduate work, application essay, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation will be appraised in relation to graduate objectives in professional education. || Learn more about Graduate Admission Requirements.

Graduate Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Science in Education (MSED) must complete a master's thesis or treatise. Students in the college student personnel program who elect to write a master's treatise must also complete a written comprehensive exam. For those who elect the thesis option, an oral defense will substitute for the comprehensive written examination.

Course Information

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