Q&A with Erin Frey '17

Why did you decide to minor in Creative Writing?

"I'd always been interested in writing fiction so minoring in creative writing seemed like an obvious choice, but there is also so much that goes on in a creative writing workshop beyond the literal creative writing that I find valuable. The critical thinking, tact, and technical skills that go into reviewing other students' creative work and incorporating peers' constructive feedback into my own work seemed like skills worth developing."

How has your study abroad experience influenced the way you think about writing and your writing interests?

"The more I travel and gain new experiences, the more fodder I collect for writing fiction. In Europe, and in Berlin specifically, there is a density of history like I've never experienced before. As someone who had a preexisting interest in cultural mythology and historical memory, it was inspiring to see, in a very physical and spatial way, the effects of the past on the present. It was also interesting to be a foreigner, for the first time in my life. My German isn't good enough to eavesdrop on most conversations, and I was surprised by the internal solitude, or sort of mental space that afforded me."

How have Bucknell Creative Writing courses challenged/shaped you as a writer?

"I went into my first fiction workshop thinking that writing is something that couldn't be taught, but I was most definitely wrong. My technical skills have certainly improved since then, and, I think because the workshops sort of forced me to take ownership of my writing, I've also become more comfortable with identifying myself as a writer."

Erin Frey '17

About the picture: "This was taken in my favorite cafe/queer venue in Berlin. They have an amazing baked potato menu."


Posted on May 2, 2017 on Bucknell English: Creative Writing, Film/Media, Literary Studies, the facebook page for the programs in the Department of English.