Julia Brafa '05

Julia Brafa '05Major: English — creative writing and theatre
Current Positions: Producer, UCB Comedy; Writer/Editor, Filmmaker, Co-Founder of DomesticFeminist.com

"As a filmmaker, I write, direct, art direct, create costumes, design makeup, and produce videos, and my work has been featured at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, HotDocs, and AFI film festivals, as well as UCB Comedy, IFC, Above Average, Nerdist, Vice, and the Guardian. In the writing world, I am a writer, host, and co-creator of DomesticFeminist.com, a blog that mashes up our feminist and feminine sides, and I work with others to edit and develop their writing projects.

I truly value my work in English at Bucknell. The rigorous yet supportive environment helped me hone skills that have been critical to my success in other endeavors. Critical thinking, writing ability, confidence, and commitment to hard work have become invaluable tools in my work beyond Bucknell."


Posted September 2016