Alex Gao ’19

Alex Gao ’19 Alex Gao is a double major in environmental studies and film/media studies. After two years of training in environmental engineering, he decided to transfer out of the major to pursue his passion for humanity and art. He is pursuing his passion for cinema and photography as an intern in Bucknell’s Campus Theatre projection internship, program officer for the film club, and photographer for The Bucknellian and the university’s Division of Communications. He also loves to create independent and individual film projects. Together with Alexander Murph (18), he made the short film Caught, which won the 2017 competition for the 24-hour-horror film challenge. He is now working on his creative honor thesis, The Finest Hour in an Infinite Journey, a 16mm experimental film that features the golden hour and death. With help from advisers Professor Meyers and Professor Eisenstein, and Andrew Stuhl in Environmental Studies, Alex aspires to “explore and re-establish the relationship of humans and nature through imagination, and provide strength and hope to the challenge of sustainability facing humanity today.”

Casey Venema ’18

Casey Venema '18“Conducted through the vehicle of Dionysian myth, my culminating experience, BACCHANTS, is an audio-visual meditation on the thin lines separating celebration and chaos, pleasure and violence, and the gendered dynamics of power and sexuality that students must navigate within the party culture at Bucknell. The piece was visually inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper and is a continuation of my theatrical work on Euripides’ The Bacchae. My Kalman Research Project, 52:15, was a documentary capturing the creative process of the 100th Monkey Theatre Ensemble as they attempted to devise a piece around the contentious true story of a 15 year old abducted by her teacher. This fall, I’m headed to Cleveland to participate in a directing internship with Dobama Theatre. I will be assistant directing their production of The Nether, a play that investigates the dark side of visual media culture. This is particularly exciting for me because it provides an opportunity to continue exploring the cross-over between my two artistic mediums: Theatre and Film.”