The Film/Media Studies Production Studio provides a wide range of equipment to assist students in the production and exhibition of their creative work. Professional-level cameras, light kits, audio gear and post-production facilities are available for Film/Media Studies majors and students enrolled in production courses. Specialized equipment is also available from Bertrand Library.


From 16mm film to 4K video, students in the Film/Media Studies program have access to a wide variety of equipment and creative tools.  The program maintains its own equipment collection, which can be utilized by students taking production courses and majors in the program.

The equipment collection includes everything from a vintage film camera to current high-end gear from Sony, Panasonic, and BlackMagic.  Lenses, audio, lighting, and stabilization options are equally varied - students in the Film/Media Studies program gain experience with a wide spectrum of equipment options.

For more detailed information about the equipment in the Film/Media Studies collection, please visit this link.

Current students can reserve equipment using this form.

Production Studio

The Film/Media Studies program's production facilities include a sound mixing and color grading room, editing workstations, and studio space, in addition to equipment storage.  The studio itself is highly customizable and can be used as a classroom, screening room, or production space.  For production work, the studio includes a DMX-controlled lighting grid; several curtain and infinity wall backdrops; sound-dampened walls, floor and ceiling; and a large scale green screen setup.

The editing workstations are equipped with current professional-level post-production software, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and more.  The mixing room workstation features multiple color-calibrated monitors and 5.1 surround sound for advanced audio and color correction work.  The mixing room is also equipped for screening both current and legacy media formats, including DVD, BluRay, Laserdisc, and VHS.  16mm film, BluRay, and DVD formats can be screened in the studio space.