Joey McMullen '09

Joey McMullen '09Major: English - literary studies concentration
Further Education: Ph.D., Medieval Literature, Harvard University
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Centenary University
Former Positions: Lecturer, Medieval Literature, Harvard University

Joey McMullen's research focuses on landscape perception and the function of place in early insular literature (especially Irish, Welsh, and English), ecocriticism, and connections between Anglo-Saxon England and early medieval Ireland and Wales.

He has published articles in Anglo-Saxon England, Arthuriana, English Studies, and elsewhere, while also co-editing two forthcoming volumes: The Legacy of Boethius in Medieval England: The Consolation and its Afterlives (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) and Gerald of Wales: Texts and Contexts (University of Wales Press). He has been able to teach a wide variety of courses (including The History of the English Language, Old English, Celtic Mythology, and a survey of English literature from Beowulf to Milton, among others), organize a handful of conferences, and serve as a Harvard University Fellow in the Digital Humanities.

"A degree in English at Bucknell meant a great deal more than simply reading and writing about literature. The willingness of the faculty and size of the student-body allowed me to work on personal research projects one-on-one with my advisor both through summer research grants and thesis writing — projects that still inform the research I am doing seven to ten years later.

"This potential for student-scholarship then enabled me to present my work at various conferences (many generously funded by the English Department) and publish before graduating.

"While these were important prerequisites for graduate school, the classes I took in the English Department did more than prepare me to do my own research. My classes and the interactions I had with my professors fostered an intellectual culture at Bucknell, taught insightful new ways to read literature and the world around me, and gave me a drive to succeed. I believe that the English Department not only prepared me for my Harvard Ph.D., but that this degree was directly responsible for my acceptance into graduate school and many successes while there and especially now, as I start my career at another liberal arts college."
— Joey McMullen '09

David Scadden '75

David Scadden '75 Major: English - literary studies concentration
Further Education: MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Residency, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Fellowship, Brigham and Women's Hospital Fellowship, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Current Positions: Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Co-Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute; Director, Hematologic Malignancies & Experimental Hematology, Massachusetts General Hospital

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Meghan Fox '06

Meghan Fox '06 Major: English - literary studies concentration
Further Education: Ph.D. in English and Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies at Stony Brook University, SUNY
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Former Positions: Spanish teacher, Pikesville High School, Baltimore; part-time faculty, Queen's College and New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study

"Bucknell fostered my love of language and literature and helped to lay the groundwork for my career as a teacher and a scholar. My professors in the English Department sparked my interest in critical theory, taught me how to make nuanced analytical arguments, and helped me to become a stronger writer. Writing an honors thesis under the direction of Ghislaine McDayter prepared me for the type of work I would pursue in graduate school. I am forever grateful to Bucknell's English Department for providing an intellectually rigorous and supportive space that enabled me to flourish."
—  Meghan Fox '06

Lucy Mensah '09

Lucy Mensah '09 Major: English - literary studies concentration
Further Education: Ph.D., English, Vanderbilt University; Certificate in English as a Hot Bridge Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, University of Pittsburgh; M.A., Literary & Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon University
Current Position: Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellow in the Modern & Contemporary Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, working on the beginning stages of a book project that studies the role of design in both African American literature and visual culture.

"My time as an English major at Bucknell helped me develop the interests and skills I have today. As a student I was encouraged by all of my English professors to use critical thinking and close reading as a way to deepen my understanding and appreciation of the literature I was reading. This approach to engaging with literature has helped in all aspects of my intellectual development, sharpening my ability to problem-solve, think outside of the box, and ask important questions."
—  Lucy Mensah '09