Châteaux de la Loire: Amboise Photo: M.A.E.E.

Châteaux de la Loire: Amboise
(région Centre)

Photo: M.A.E.E.

French & Francophone Studies start with the acquisition of the linguistic and cultural skills needed to communicate in spoken and written French. As the students’ skills advance, French courses increasingly emphasize humanistic study of the literatures and civilizations of France and other French-speaking countries around the world.

French & Francophone Studies, especially when they include study abroad, offer direct access to the perspectives and attitudes of closely related, yet distinctly different cultures. This knowledge and experience helps students to gain greater awareness of themselves and their own culture and to acquire the cross-cultural skills so valuable in our diverse and shrinking world.

Specific Requirements

The Course Catalog provides detailed information about specific major and minor course requirements.


Majors who meet the requirements set by the Honors Council and wish to earn honors in French are encouraged to do so. Students interested in writing an Honors Thesis should contact a French & Francophone Studies faculty member early in the second semester of their junior year to discuss the process and to define a topic.

Teaching Certification

Students interested in becoming certified to teach French should consult with the Chairpersons of the French and education departments in their first or early in their second year at Bucknell.