click for larger version of this image by Guy Moll The Candis Boyer Coxe Cultural Enrichment Fund is awarded to students (a) who wish to spend a semester or a year abroad in Bucknell en France program and (b) for whom the choice to study abroad presents a financial challenge.

The award amount will be no less than $1,000 per semester and is designated for only those semesters spent abroad. Priority will be given to those students who can demonstrate that studying abroad represents a financial burden. The scholarship is designed to enrich students’ cultural immersion experience abroad by providing the financial resources necessary to cover the costs of event and facility admissions, travel, and other daily activities or experiences relevant to French language and culture.

The fund recipient must:

  • commit to studying abroad in the Bucknell en France program;
  • demonstrate clear financial need as determined by the financial aid office; and
  • maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.5 in French.

How To Apply

Students should submit a statement of interest (email is fine, half- to 1-page equivalent in length) to the French and Francophone Studies program director by September 15 (for study abroad in the spring) or by February 15 (for the fall). The statement should address how the applicant would make use of the Candis Boyer Coxe Enrichment Fund to enhance her/his French cultural immersion experience and how it would help alleviate some of the financial pressures of international study. This scholarship is competitive; thus the application for one does not ensure an award.

Final Report

Recipient must submit a report (in English) to the French and Francophone Studies program director describing how this scholarship enhanced her or his cultural immersion experience, no later than the first day of final exams at the end of the period for which s/he received the scholarship.


image by Guy Moll