Every year, visiting scholars from all over the world come to campus to share their research, knowledge and international perspectives on a wide range of subjects related to French and Francophone studies.

(click images to view posters from recent events)

Erasing Every Trace: Visual and Verbal Constructions of Identity in Michel Leclerc's 'Le nom des gens' by guest lecturer Elizabeth Black, Assistant Professor of French, Old Dominion University African Literature: An Anglophone Perspective
Leonora Miano -- Afropea - Fantasy or Reality? Emmanuel Dongala - Child Soliders from Reality to Fiction
 Indochina Calling - Colloque du Destin Éric Trudel - Being History
Symposium - The Meaning of Africa Claire Goldstein - Une Promenande a Travers le Jardin Absolu
Guy Teissier - Invitation au Voyage Michelle Maillet - L'Etoile noire: Une memoire noire de l'holocauste