The Bucknell Arboretum

Thanks to more than a century and a half of wise stewardship, Bucknell's campus is graced by a magnificent landscape including hundreds of trees that pre-date the founding of the university. The Bucknell University Arboretum builds upon and will help continue this legacy.

Susquehanna River

The 16th-largest river in the U.S. empties into Chesapeake Bay. Bucknell’s campus and surrounding farmlands, mines, towns, gas wells and mountains are located inside the watershed.

Chillisquaque Creek Natural Area

66-acre nature preserve about 11 miles east of campus. An exceptionally diverse floodplain forest.

Montandon Wetlands

The Montandon Marsh is one of the few remaining diverse riparian wetlands ecosystems in central Pennsylvania, along the west branch of the Susquehanna River.

Bald Eagle State Forest

Includes most of the upland Appalachian Mountains surrounding Bucknell and Union County.

Diverse Community

Local Amish, Mennonite and rural farming communities; small towns and cities, many of them industrial; immigrant populations; churches; public schools; government agencies.

Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling

Vast natural gas reserves currently being drilled – and debated – in north-central Pennsylvania.


Weather Station

The geography department maintains a research-grade weather station located west of campus. Data are archived and available to the campus community

Environmental Engineering and Science Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering and Science Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility capable of performing most types of laboratory analyses.


Geography has a full-featured GIS research and teaching lab in Coleman 220, featuring ArcGIS software running on 15 PC workstations.

More About Geography

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