Ask the Experts: Duane Griffin on Global Warming

Duane Griffin was featured on "Ask the Experts," a regular web feature that highlights the expertise of various Bucknellians in a range of topics related to current news events and other timely subjects. || Read more

Karen Morin: Faculty Co-Director of Bucknell in London program

Karen Morin was one of the faculty directors of the Bucknell in London program this past Fall.

Faculty Promotions: Adrian Mulligan and Paul Susman

Adrian Mulligan was one of 17 faculty members promoted to Associate Professor and Paul Susman was one of eight faculty members promoted to full professor.

Ben Marsh: Summer Fieldwork in Turkey

Ben Marshspent a month this summer doing geoarchaeological fieldwork in central Turkey, funded by a Bucknell faculty research grant.

He worked on three projects:

1) A GIS-based remapping of the Iron Age and Hellenistic burial tumuli of Gordion, using historic air photos, previous mapping reports, and a field GPS survey. This research was part of an 'urban geography' project to explore the spatial relationship between the tumuli and the known settlement structure of the Phrygian capital.

The other two projects were at Bogazkoy, with the German Archaeological Institute in Turkey.

2) Camlibel Tarlasi is a Calcolithic settlement site, one of the earliest agricultural villages in central Turkey. Marsh's project was to reconstruct the pre-human landscape of the heavily eroded environs (see photo), to provide a prehistoric environmental context for the excavation.

3) He began an exploration of the patterns of landscape degradation at Hattusa, the great Hittite capital. This is the first paleo-environmental work at Hattusa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adrian Mulligan: Faculty Co-Director of the Bucknell in Northern Ireland Program

Adrian Mulligan was a Faculty Co-Director of the Bucknell in Northern Ireland Program that ran from May 12 - June 7, 2009.


Paul Susman: Faculty Co-Director of Bucknell in Nicaragua program

Paul Susman
is a Faculty Co-Director of the Bucknell in Nicaragua Program.


Karen Morin: Book Publication

Karen Morin published a book in December 2008 through Syracuse University Press entitled: Frontiers of Femininity: A New Historical Geography of the Nineteenth-Century American West || Learn more about the book