These links will take you to bibliographies of publications related to stratigraphic units of central Pennsylvania. The largest is a composite bibliography of works on all the stratigraphic units; it is arranged in an alphabetical order based on the author’s name. Other bibliographies list publications that deal with specific stratigraphic units, predominantly formations.

These compilations come principally from my own files, but I have also used the databases of GeoRef and GeoBase. I have not been diligent in eliminating duplications, correcting errors, and seeing that all entries are complete. For the most part, I have decided not to include abstracts of conference presentations or graduate theses and dissertations, but some of these have entered from other databases. For a stratigraphic column depicting the positions and relative ages of the units consult Briggs and Schultz (1999, The Geology of Pennsylvania, inside rear cover). More detailed stratigraphic correlation charts are contained in Berg et al., 1983 (reference in composite bibliography).

Dr. Edward Cotter
Professor Emeritus
Bucknell Geology

Composite Bibliography - All Units (pdf format)
Antes Shale (Ordovician) (pdf format)Mifflintown (Silurian) (pdf format)
Bald Eagle (Ordovician) (pdf format)Nealmont (Ordovician) (pdf format)
Bellefonte (Ordovician) (pdf format)Needmore (Devonian) (pdf format)
Black River (Ordovician) (pdf format)Newark (Triassic-Jurassic) (pdf format)
Bloomsburg (Silurian) (pdf format)Old Port (Devonian) (pdf format)
Cambrian units (pdf format)Onondaga-Selinsgrove (Devonian) (pdf format)
Catskill (Devonian) (pdf format)Oriskany-Ridgeley (Devonian) (pdf format)
Gatesburg (Cambrian) (pdf format)Pocono (Lower Carboniferous) (pdf format)
Harrell (Devonian) (pdf format)Pottsville (Upper Carboniferous) (pdf format)
Juniata (Ordovician) (pdf format)Reedsville (Ordovician) (pdf format)
Keefer (Silurian) (pdf format)Rose Hill (Silurian) (pdf format)
Keyser (Silurian-Devonian) (pdf format)Salona-Coburn (Ordovician) (pdf format)
Llewellyn (Upper Carboniferous) (pdf format)Spechty Kopf (Devonian-Carboniferous) (pdf format)
Loyalhanna (Lower Carboniferous) (pdf format)State College (Cambrian) (pdf format)
Mahantango (Devonian) (pdf format)Tonoloway (Silurian) (pdf format)
Marcellus (Devonian) (pdf format)Trenton (Ordovician) (pdf format)
Martinsburg (Ordovician) (pdf format)Trimmers Rock (Devonian) (pdf format)
Mauch Chunk (Lower Carboniferous) (pdf format)Tuscarora (Silurian) (pdf format)

Wills Creek (Silurian) (pdf format)