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The major in German consists of 7 courses at the GRMN 204 level and above. GRMN 201-202 (Strategies in Speaking German) are not applicable to the major in German. Courses leading to the major in German must include GRMN 204 or its equivalent, at least one course dealing with German cultural issues (GRMN 270, 272, 273 or the equivalent), a course focusing on German literary studies (GRMN 230 or its equivalent), and at least two courses at Bucknell at the 300 or Capstone level.

German majors and minors should supplement this study with work in other languages, European history, history of art, music, philosophy, or work in European political science and economics. They are also urged to participate in a program of study abroad approved by Bucknell's German Studies Program. Students interested in study abroad should consult faculty of the German Program at the earliest possible date.

Students planning to teach German at the secondary level should consult with the German Studies Program and Bucknell's department of education as soon as possible.

The minor in German consists of the equivalent of five full-credit courses at the GRMN 101 level or above. There are no other specific course requirements for the minor. Students interested in minoring in German should consult a German Studies program faculty member for the appropriate sequencing of courses.

GRMN 201-202 (Strategies in Speaking German) and GRMN 310 (Reading for German Knowledge) do count toward the minor.