Department of History

At Bucknell, majors in history are allowed great latitude in designing a program that reflects their particular interests.  To ensure depth of historical understanding, we require majors to focus on a specific field of study, such as (1) a particular historical theme (e.g., the history of women, gender, revolutions, colonialism, etc.); (2) a historical approach (e.g., intellectual and cultural history; science, technology, and the environment; social and economic history, etc.); or (3) a period. The department encourages students to select focus topics by the end of their junior year.

Specific requirements are detailed in the Course Catalog (Please note: The major for students prior to the Class of 2021 is governed by the 2016-2017 catalog).

A minor in history consists of a minimum of five courses including HIST 100 and at least one 300-level seminar.

History Learning Outcomes are available online.