Research Tools for Faculty and Students

A comprehensive list of various research tools for International Relations faculty and students.

IR Matters! Newsletter

Each semester, International Relations publishes "IR Matters!" It's "matters" of interest to IR students, alumni, and friends. || View the current issue

Access to Alumni

A well-developed alumni directory is available for majors to chat and network with alumni in international careers. Alumni frequently return for homecoming to share their experiences in career panels and one on one. || View a list of IR alumni

Residential Colleges

Bucknell's Residential Colleges offers seven theme-based living and learning environments including the Global College, the Languages and Cultures College, and the Social Justice College. Participating first-year students take a class together and join in programs and social activities that add to their classroom learning. || Learn More

Research at the Library

The Bertrand Library subscribes to many major international relations journals. Many other journals are easily accessible through interlibrary loan programs. || International Relations: Guide to What You Want at the Library

Study Abroad

More than 90 percent of International Relations majors study off campus for at least one semester, either in a foreign study program (in Europe, Russia, Latin America, India, Africa, China, Japan or Washington, D.C.) or in academic/internship programs (in U.S. foreign policy, international development or peace and conflict resolution). || Visit the Office of International Education for information about available programs

Work Experience

  • Career Resources: A list of resources and internship opportunities specifically related to International Relations.
  • Career Paths: A list of potential career paths and employers related to International Relations, as well as strategies and suggestions for entering a career in International Relations.

Graduate Placement

The international relations program has an excellent record in placing students in top graduate programs, including the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts,and the School for Advanced International Service at Johns Hopkins. They have also attended prestigious law schools at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Duke and Chicago.