Morgan '17

"...I found my best friend in my host sister, improved my Arabic language skills markedly, immersed myself in a new culture, and found myself another place to call home..."

Sarah '17

"My experiences in Bucknell's Arabic program helped make my abroad experience especially meaningful. I was able to speak colloquial Arabic at a high level, deeply engage with my host family and the Jordanian culture, and learn more about myself and my future career aspirations."

Jake '18

"Bucknell provided me with the opportunity to study in a part of the world that I likely would have never been exposed to without the Arabic studies program. The people I met and experiences I had in the United Arab Emirates were truly life-changing and a part of my Bucknell experience which I will never forget. During my studies in the UAE and travels to other neighboring countries, I was able to further my linguistic skills, as well as better understand Arab culture and the diverse demographic of people who reside in the Middle East."

Ella '17

"Learning Arabic and the diverse culture through the Arabic Studies program at Bucknell, in addition to my experiences abroad in the Middle East (Jordan & Egypt) have contributed to my future career goals of working internationally. Now, I am on that track and am currently serving in Peace Corps Morocco for 2 years."