I work as a Training Manager on the Data Operations team, a role I've recently shifted to from an Operations Analyst.

Hillary Dunn

Mathematics helped get me where I am today not because of the statistics used for the data we collect, but because of the thought behind the methodology of surveys that collect the data. Since we have a team of 30 people collecting hundreds of unique metrics every day via surveys, the questions written in these surveys must be completely clear.

I'm also responsible for writing question scripts that we ask companies. Our questions have to test customer service just enough to gather relevant data, but they cannot be too difficult. Again, it sounds like English and writing, but it is Math!

Lastly, I use Mathematics, well, Excel, to view data and run Quality Assurance to make sure that no abnormal data is collected. If a mistake were made, it is my job to train the person collecting the data how to properly answer the question so the correct data is collected.