Student Common Room

Equipped with sofas, desks, blackboards, a fridge and a microwave, this room is an ideal space for students to work collaboratively or take a break.  


Mathematical Fluids Lab
To model fluids more accurately, faculty and students use this lab to compare mathematical predictions, numerical simulations and experimental results.


Putnam Exam
More than 400 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada compete in the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. Bucknell often does well in this contest. In 2004 the Bucknell team placed 10th, higher than any other liberal arts institution in the nation. || Learn More about the Putnam Exam.

John Steiner Gold Exam
Bucknell students help to host this mathematical competition organized by the department in memory of a distinguished colleague. Students from public and private high schools as far as 100 miles away participate and compete for team and individual prizes. || Learn More about the Gold Exam.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling
The MCM is a nation-wide contest in which teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. Bucknell often enters multiple teams. In 2010, the team of Dan Cavallaro, Bryan Ward, and Ryan Ward were one of only nine teams in the world to earn the highest designation of "Outstanding Winners" of the MCM. || Learn More about the MCM.

Philips Prize Exam
Every spring, the department holds the Professor George Morris Philips Prize Exam for first-year students.

Academic Resources

Peer Tutoring Program
Drop-in calculus help sessions are held Sunday–Thursday evenings, usually 7–9 p.m. They are staffed by graduate students and upperclass undergraduate students

Library and IT
The Bertrand Library subscribes to many major mathematical and statistical journals. Most other journals are easily accessible through interlibrary loan programs. || Mathematics: the library's Research by Subject page .

The University supports Windows, Macintosh and Unix environments. Computationally intensive projects can be deployed on the 128-core Linux Computing Cluster.

Speakers and Events
Mathematicians from academia and industry share valuable information about careers, and students gain exposure to the culture of mathematics and mathematicians. || Find out What's Happening

Math Education Tools
The department owns a variety of mathematics manipulatives that assist in learning and teaching mathematics. These include items that can be used at the elementary and middle school levels (e.g., pattern blocks, base-10 blocks) as well as the high school and collegiate levels (e.g., Calculator Based Laboratory Units (CBL) with various probes).

Related Student Organizations

Pi Mu Epsilon – mathematics honor society
MAA – student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America
Right Angle – for students interested in mathematics education
Putnam gang – for problem-solving enthusiasts