Music Education

From the time you arrive on campus, you are part of a special community dedicated to helping you become the very best music teacher possible. Whether you are holding a newborn infant and singing to her, teaching a child with Down Syndrome to play trumpet, rehearsing a vocal sectional at a local high school, participating in a professional development workshop with one of the nation’s leading Orff educators, leading a folk dance at one of our summer music camps, or researching Australian music education practices in Perth, Western Australia, we guarantee that the music teacher education program at Bucknell is unlike any other.


As a string student, you will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty to develop a study program that takes advantage of all the opportunities at Bucknell. Students can hone their skills as a performer while still being able to conduct research, study to be an arts administrator, a music educator, or a composer. Education at Bucknell is based on a strong liberal arts foundation, and the string faculty encourages all students to reach their academic goals while pursuing their passion for music.