Bucknell offers a professional music program within an outstanding liberal-arts environment. The music department has an internationally recognized faculty whose members have gained recognition as performers, conductors, composers, authors, and lecturers. Members of the department have received recognition for superior teaching from such diverse sources as the College Music Society and Rolling Stone magazine. A number of its faculty members are represented on more than 16 records and compact discs, which have national distribution. Additionally, department members have published a number of books and scholarly articles.

Degree Programs

Specific requirements and recommended course sequences for the music majors and the music minor can be found in the Course Catalog.

Admissions and Auditions

Students seeking admission into any of the majors must audition before members of the department faculty. Recordings are not accepted. Additionally, applicants for the degree in composition must submit a portfolio of their work, and music education applicants must successfully complete an interview. The Music Department website contains complete, up-to-date information about the audition process, dates of auditions, and scholarships. Prospective students must complete both a music department audition form and the Arts Merit Scholarship application form, regardless of interest in a scholarship.

Requirements for All Majors

College Core Curriculum: All students, regardless of degree program, must satisfy requirements of the College Core Curriculum. All music degree programs require 13 credits of College Core Curriculum courses. Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts students will meet the three intellectual competency goals (writing, speaking, and information literacy) within core coursework required for all degree programs. Culminating Experiences are discussed within each degree program's description.

Ensembles: All music majors must participate in at least one music department ensemble each semester. The two exceptions to this policy are the semester in which a student is studying abroad or in which music education majors are student teaching, in which cases the requirement is waived. Note that music majors audit ensembles rather than take them for credit because the credits do not count toward fulfilling the minimum degree requirements. Auditions are required for Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Camerata, University Choir, Orchestra, Bucknell Opera Theatre, and Rooke Chapel Ringers (handbells). The Gamelan Ensemble requires the permission of the director.

Recital Attendance: All students, regardless of degree program, must attend a minimum of ten approved recitals/performances each semester, for a total of six semesters, in order to satisfy degree requirements.