Graduate Schools

If you plan to continue formal training after graduation, it is wise to consult with members of the staff during your junior year. The departmental bulletin board carries announcements from graduate and professional schools, including notification of scholarships and other aids. The Office of the Registrar houses the most complete collection of catalogues from these schools, which may be consulted there. A Reference Librarian can help you find addresses for graduate admissions offices, if you wish to write requesting a catalogue or other information. At present Professor James Mark Shields (105 Coleman Hall, 570.577.1336, is Bucknell's Graduate School Advising Coordinator, who systematically collects information about scholarships and other general data. The departmental grad school advisor is Professor John Doces, though any member of the department will be happy to advise students on advanced study of political science. The pre-law advisor can be contacted through the Career Development Center. Since these advisors do change, consult the Dean's Office if you have questions.

Applications for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) are available from the academic assistant for the Department of Political Science. Advice about professional schools in management (including public administration) usually can be obtained from the dean's office in the Freeman College of Management (Taylor Hall). Information concerning the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is posted on the bulletin board; fuller details may be obtained from the academic assistant for the Department of Education. It is best to begin planning for graduate and professional school applications spring semester junior year, then you will avoid some of the rush during fall semester senior year when formal applications are normally due.

Career Opportunities

The Career Development Center is an excellent source of information about careers open to liberal arts students; it should be visited early on during your stay at Bucknell: don't wait until your senior year! In addition to the opportunities available through the CDC, some of our graduates have found very interesting and meaningful work using contacts developed during Washington and other internships, for example. The department has in stock complimentary copies of a very useful pamphlet, Careers and the Study of Political Science, published by the American Political Science Association. For your copy, see Mrs. Foster, 265 Coleman Hall.

Letters of Recommendations

Secondary Education Certification