Can AP credit substitute for a core course, or otherwise count toward the major?

No. AP grades of 4 or 5 in Politics count as University electives and toward overall distribution requirements, but don't count toward the major. Any AP credit will appear as an elective in your degree progress report. (If you are missing a credit you've earned, see the Registrar's Office.)

I'm thinking of doing independent study in Political Science. How do I go about this?

Independent study is intended for those who want to develop their own program of advanced study on a topic in which they already have an interest. If there is a topic you would like to spend a semester working on, consult with the faculty member who is most likely to be able to guide you through that research. You should be able to present him or her with a rough outline of what you hope to do and hope to accomplish. If the instructor agrees to work with you on this, the next stage is to put together a proposal for the project, which should spell out what you plan to read and what you plan to write in some detail. This requires departmental approval, and the proposal must be submitted for approval at least two weeks before registration. Please note that you must have already taken the core course/courses relevant to your topic, as well as any other specialized courses offered that would prepare you for your project.

I'm thinking of doing Honors in Political Science. How do I go about this?

The basic process is largely the same as for independent study, but you must satisfy University requirements for eligibility for Honors, and must follow the procedures and schedule established by the University Honors Program. Also, an honors thesis in political science is a two-semester project, and we strongly recommend that you start thinking and consulting an adviser about this during the spring of the junior year, so that you will be able to turn in a formal proposal to the Honors Council in September. See the University Honors Program web site for more information. Note that all majors completing honors in political science must register for an honors thesis credit during fall and spring semester of their senior year.

If I do an Honors project, do I still have to take a seminar?

Yes. Doing Honors can be a wonderful, rewarding experience, but it does not replace the experience of doing advanced work in a seminar setting—one that we want all of our majors to share.

Can I meet major requirements with courses taken off campus?

Yes, though no more than two courses can transfer as major credits, and both will need to be approved by the department chair. If, however, the courses were taken at one of the "Bucknell-in" programs (in London, Grenada, Tours, or Northern Ireland), they count as regular Bucknell credits, and do not count against the two-course limit. If you are planning to study abroad, the core courses should be completed before leaving campus. These courses cannot be taken as part of the study-abroad program.

How do I minor in Political Science?

There are five minor programs in Political Science, outlined in the catalog: a general minor, and four others built around each of the four subfields. Each requires five courses. You declare the minor AFTER you have taken the courses. When you are ready, fill out the necessary form, available at the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and have the form signed by the department chair. Details on the five minors in political science are available.