Professor Emerita, Psychology

Eugenia Gerdes

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B.S. Denison University
Ph.D. Duke University

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I joined the Psychology Department in 1974 and taught social psychology and psychology of women until 1988 when I moved to the Dean’s Office. My research interests have been in the areas of stress and stereotypical biases, especially as they apply to women in traditionally male work roles. Over my 18 years as Dean, these interests focused on women in higher education and expanded to include other higher education topics as well. At the end of the 2005-06 Academic Year, I stepped down as dean and became Dean Emerita and Professor of Psychology. In August 2006, I was able to pursue my interest in China by accompanying the Bucknell Dance Company to the “Ode to Peace” Festival in Penglai , China and speaking at the UNESCO-sponsored forum on “Quality Education for Youth and Sustainable Development.” I will continue to apply my background in social psychology to issues in higher education, both in my scholarship and in my teaching.


  • What’s So Special about a Liberal Arts Education? [Foundation Seminar]
  • The Commodification of Higher Education [Capstone]

Recent Research

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