Robyn Roogow talks to students about her work.  Presented at the 10th Annual Kalman Research Symposium, Bucknell University, March 29, 2011


"Analyzing the Comprehension of Verbs at Locomotion Stages in Infants"


Robyn Roogow '11

Faculty Mentor

Ruth Tincoff


We sought to determine whether children comprehend verbs at corresponding stages of locomotion development. In this study, 6- to 24-month-old children watched two different split-screen videos showing six actions while hearing a verb that corresponded to specific actions. The two different verb types were independent sitting and independent standing, which were presented at separate visits. Looking time was measured for each participant for each verb type, measuring the amount of time a participant looked at the matched and non-matched verbs. In addition to the split-screen videos, parents and/or guardians completed the following questionnaires: ASQ-III, MacArthur Survey, and a post-survey. These surveys analyzed vocabulary and motor development in infants and toddlers, as well as the vocabulary parents and/or guardians used with their children. We hypothesize that if comprehension is related to motor experience, children will understand corresponding verbs, and thus have increased looking times, at verbs that they have experienced. Analysis of results is still in progress.