Cathedral of Assumption, Moscow Kremlin

What do Bucknell Russian Studies Graduates do with their Russian?  

Bucknell Russian studies majors have developed careers in a wide variety of disciplines: education, business, law, government, even medicine. (Remember, the Russian major at Bucknell is a Russian studies major that allows students to focus on any aspect of Russian culture and society they choose.) Since 1991 most graduates of the Russian Studies Program have decided to begin their post-graduate careers with a job in Russia. The reason is compelling: in Russia you can do well while doing good. More than anything else the Russians need people who have experienced a Western free-market economy to talk to them, show them how to start up and run businesses. Some of our graduates are actually engaged in missionary and charity work, but most are involved in the same sort of jobs that they would have in this country. The only difference is that they are in an exciting place at an exciting time -- and, despite what we often read in the US press, none have mentioned any sense of danger.

The Russian Studies Program also has a notable record in graduate schools including the London School of Economics, George Washington, Oxford University, Stanford, Indiana, Syracuse, and Kings College, London, Yale, Harvard, and Columbia. Bucknell Russian Studies Program graduates compete among the very best in the world.  

Whatever our graduates do with their experience in Russia, all find it an exhilarating adventure into a very friendly culture truly different from our own—an adventure which they will never forget and a valuable experience that US companies, government agencies, and private research institutes need. || See career paths since 1980.