As the Russian and NISE economies stabilize they provide invaluable insights into the real nature of economic relations in that part of the world. This page contains economic reports as well as business analyses of new private companies and investment opportunities in Russia. Current exchange rates 

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
You know it is a large and important business market when the American Chamber of Commerce has to open an office in Moscow. This site provides information about living and doing business in Russia as well as business up-dates.

Business Collaboration Center (BCC)
Established in 1995, BCC supports the development and stabilization of small and medium private business in Russia. With funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), BCC achieves this objective by strengthening and serving the technical assistance community which in turn supports Russia's emerging private business sector.

The Russian Insurance Site
Everything you need to know about insurance in Russia: a list of insurance companies on line, how to write insurance in Russia, the history of insurance in Russia, courses on insurance, a calendar of events pertaining to insurance, even jobs available in Russian insurance companies. This site is mostly in Russian but there are a couple of pages in English.

Russian Market Commentary
This page of the Emerging Markets Companion website is contributed by OMR Bank Moscow. It offers a market forecast and recaps of the money, debt and equities markets.

Foreign Investment Promotion Center
This sites provides information on investment in Russia. It includes a guide on starting a business, economic surveys of the area and regions of Russia, and pertinent laws. It also contains statistics on foreign investment and a description of government institutions useful for foreign investors.