January Soviet army attacks public buildings in Riga and Vilnius
June 12 Boris Yeltsin becomes first democratically elected Russian President
July 10 Yeltsin's inauguration
Bodies of Nicholas II and family exhumed
August 19 Yanayev, Pugo, Yazov and 3 others announce take-over
August 20 Yeltsin speaks to crowd from tank then barricades himself in Parliament building
August 21 Latvia declares its independence
Gorbachev returns from house arrest in Crimea
August 22 Pugo commits suicide
August 24 Gorbachev resigns as head of CP and Yeltsin closes Pravda and disbands CP
Sept 5 State Council set up by Congress of People's Deputies to govern in emergency
Sept 7 Baltic states recognized
Fall Leningrad renamed 'St. Petersburg'
Nov 1 COMECON dissolves
Nov 15 Freedom to import and export established
Dec1 Ukrainian referendum on independence passed by 90.3%
Dec 8 Presidents of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine sign treaty to abolish USSR and form CIS
Dec 25 Gorbachev announces his resignation and USSR ceases to exist
Jan 2 Prime Minister frees prices
Ruble plummets; prices sky-rocket
March 31 Federation Treaty signed by all autonomous republics except Chechnya & Tatarstan
May 6 Gorbachev closes an era at Westminster College
May 15 Treaty on Collective Security: Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan
April 1 Western nations announce $24 billion aid package for Russia
April 6 Congress of People's Deputies begins its attack on the government
June 15 Yegor Gaidar appointed acting prime minister
Oct 1 Voucher privatization begins
Dec 14 Victor Chernomyrdin replaces Yegor Gaidar as prime minister
March 11 Congress of People's Deputies passes resolution limiting powers of government to implement reforms
March 20 Yeltsin introduces 'special presidential rule'
March 23 Speaker of Congress Khasbulatov calls for impeachment of Yeltsin
April 3-4 US-Russian summit in Vancouver
April 25 Referendum supports the president and the reforms
August 31 Soviet troops withdrawn from Lithuania (not Latvia & Estonia)
Sept 18 Gaidar rejoins government as first deputy prime minister
Sept 21 President dissolves Congress of People's Deputies and Supreme Soviet of RF and calls for election of Federal Assembly
Sept 22 Parliament appoints Vice President Rutskoi president
Octr 3 Parliamentary forces attack Ostankino TV and mayor's office
Octr 4 Government forces storm the parliament building
Dec 12 Elections of first Federal Assembly of Russia and referendum to ratify Russian Constitution
Jan 11 Federal Assembly begins its work
Feb 23 State Duma passes amnesty for political and economic crimes
June 16 Yegor Gaidar resigns as first deputy prime minister
July Yeltsin meets with G-7 leaders in Naples
Oct 11 Ruble crashes
Oct 28 Solzhenitsyn addresses the State Duma
Nov 28 Russian Security Council votes to send troops to Chechnya
Decr 12 Russian troops invade Chechnya
Jan 27 Federal Assembly bans loans from Central Bank to the government without its approval
spring Russians massacre villagers in Samashky
June 14 Chechens take hostages at Budennovsk
July Yeltsin suffers first heart attack
Oct 26 Yeltsin suffers second heart attack
Dec 17 CPRF under Gennady Zyuganov dominates Duma elections
Jan 5 Kozyrev resigns as foreign minister; replaced by Primakov
March 29 Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan sign integration accords in Moscow
April 2 Russia & Belarus sign 'Agreement on the Formation of a Community'
June 16 Presidential primaries: Yeltsin & Zyuganov (Communist Party) win
June 26 Ukrainian Parliament adopts constitution
July 3 Yeltsin defeats Zyuganov in run-off election
July 12 Ukrainian constitution signed by President Kuchma
August 5 Chechen rebels re-take Grozny
August 23 Full-scale combat operations end in Chechnya
August 31 Lebed and Aslan Maskhadov sign peace accord in Chechnya
Nov 5 Yeltsin undergoes quintuple by-pass surgery
Nov 28 Belorussian President Lukashenko signs new constitution extending his powers and replaces the parliament
Dec 1 Russian troops begin withdrawal from Chechnya
Jan 1 New Criminal Code replaces 1960 Soviet code
Jan 27 Chechen elections held; Aslan Maskhadov wins with 65%
March 21 Yeltsin and Clinton meet in Helsinki to discuss expansion of NATO
April Union Treaty signed
May 26 Russian-Belarus Union Charter signed by Lukashenko and Yeltsin
May 27 Yeltsin and Clinton sign "Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation" which creates a permanent joint council including Russia in NATO decision-making.
June 11 Russian-Belarus Union Charter goes into effect
June 28 Tajik Peace and National Reconciliation Accord signed in Moscow
March 23 Yeltsin fires Chernomyrdin, reorganizes cabinet
April 24 Sergei Kirienko finally confirmed as prime minister
May 27 Massive sell-off of Russian bonds, securities and rubles
July 17 Nicholas II and family interred in St. Petersburg
August Russian financial crisis
Kirienko announces ruble devaluation (August 17)
Market paralyzed by liquidity shortages
Share prices plunge
Russia defaults foreign loans
August 23 Yeltsin sacks entire government, appoints Chernomyrdin interim PM
Sept 10 Victor Chernomyrdin steps aside as Duma rejects nomination twice
Sept 11 Yuri Primakov confirmed prime minister
May 12 Yeltsin sacks cabinet, including Primakov
May 13 Impeachment hearings begins in Duma
May 15 Impeachment vote against Yeltsin fails
May 19 Duma approves Sergei Stepashin as new Prime Minister
August 9 Stepashin dismissed as prime minister
August 16 Vladimir Putin confirmed prime minister
September Russian money-laundering scheme via BONY unravels
March 26 Vladimir Putin elected president