Russian Public Holidays
1-2 January New New Years Day * (No work)
7 January Orthodox Christmas * (No work)
12 January Day of the Prosecutor General's Officials
13 January Day of Russian Press
21 January Day of the Military Engineers
15 February Day of Purification
8 March International Women's Day
7 April Annunciation
April Easter (Paskha)
1-2 May International Labor Day
9 May Victory Day (1945)
12 June Russian Independence Day
23 may Orthodox Ascension
2 June Day of the Holy Trinity
Last 10 Days of June St. Petersburg White Nights
19 August Transfiguration
28 August Dormition of the Blessed Virgin
21 September Nativity of the Virgin
7 October Constitution Day
14 October Feast of Pokrov
4 December Presentation of the Virgin