Russian Humor 

The mother lode is Anekdoty iz Rossii, but substantial collections may be found in Finland at FUNET, at the SovInfoBuro and at UNC. These links are all FTP sites. If you have trouble with the vocabulary, the 3-volume Бестолковый словарь will help make things worse--but you'll laugh all the way in Russian! The latest Russian political party, however, has an HTTP web site (in Russian) you might want to check out. (This is a real political party!) If politics are not your thing but you can take the risque (in Russian), you might want to join the Gusarskij klub. Then, again, maybe not. You can also find the best of Victor Bogorad, St. Petersburg's top cartoonist (in English). There is also a collection of very recent jokes maintained by Dima Verner. In Russian, of course. Another source for the highest quality satire is The Moscow Channel. A must see. Of course, the lot of the student is a funny one, indeed, and the Folklore of the Russian Student captures it all. This page is found on the Chertovye kulichki site which deserves a lingering visit. Don't miss the jokes at Joke Cafe, the Russian toasts, the bars and clubs and, of course, the ever-popular photo-bordello. Last but not least, Anekdoty iz Rossii is a daily compilation of Russian jokes from the Russian internet--they don't get any fresher than these!