(on leave spring 2018)

Educational Background

  • B.A.,  Bowdoin College
  • Ph.D., University of Washington 

Teaching Interests

  • The Anthropology of Native North America
  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Nature, Culture, Place
  • Hairdos, Piercings, and Tattoos: Body and Identity
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Fieldwork in the Local Community
  • Advanced Seminar in Anthropology

Current Research Interests

  • "Fresh seal blood looks like beauty and life": #sealfies and subsistence in Nunavut." manuscript being prepared for special issue of Hunter Gatherer Research
  • Ethnicity, Tradition, and Modernity in the Canadian Arctic.  Book-length manuscript being prepared for publication.

Selected Publications

Review of 'Hunters, Predators, and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals'. Human Ecology, 2017.

"Digging into my Past: Archaeology and Humanism in the Canadian Arctic," Anthropology and Humanism 42(1): 72-90, 2017.

"Restaurants, fields, markets, and feasts: Food and culture in semi-public spaces." co-authored with Clare Sammells. Food and Foodways 24(3-4): 129-135, 2016.

"To Sell or Not to Sell: Country food markets and Inuit identity in Nunavut." Food and Foodways 24 (3-4): 194-212, 2016.

"The raw, the cooked and the fermented: The culinary heritage of foragers, past and present." Pp. 25-36 in Heritage Cuisines: Traditions, identities and tourism, Dallen J. Timothy ed. Routledge, 2016.

“Placing Identity:  Town, Land, and Authenticity in Nunavut, Canada.”  Acta Borealia 27(2): 151-166, 2010. 

“Inuit Identity in the Canadian Arctic.”  Ethnology 47(4): 239-255.  Fall 2008.

“Prophecy, Sorcery, and Reincarnation:  Inuit Spirituality in the Age of Skepticism.”  Pp. 158-182 in Extraordinary Anthropology:  Transformations in the Field, Jean-Guy Goulet and Bruce Granville Miller, eds.  University of Nebraska Press, 2007.

"Anthropology in an Era of Inuit Empowerment."  Pp. 89-101.  In Critical Inuit Studies in an Era of Globalization, Pam Stern and Lisa Stevenson, eds.  University of Nebraska Press.  2006.

“Inuit:  Canada and Greenland.”  Pp. 279-281 in the Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Volume 1.  Solomon H. Katz, ed.  New York:  Charles Scribner’s Sons.  2003.

“Noms, Récits, et Mémoire au Nunavut [The Embodiment of Cultural Memory and Meaning in Nunavut]," Anthropologie et Sociétés 26(2-3): 179-191, 2002.

"Food and the Making of Modern Inuit Identities" Food and Foodways 10(1):  55-78, 2002.  

“Fashioning Selves and Tradition:  Case Studies on Personhood and Experience in Nunavut.”  American Review of Canadian Studies 31 (1-2): 121-136, 2001.

“Why Do You Ask So Many Questions?”:  Dialogical Anthropology and Learning How Not to Ask in Canadian Inuit Society.  Journal for the Anthropological Study of Human Movement 11(1): 47-64, 2000.

Usher, Peter J., Gerard Duhaime, and Edmund Searles, ""The Household as an Economic Unit in Arctic Aboriginal Communities and its Measurement by Means of a Mass Survey." Social Indicators Research 61(2): 175-202, 2002.


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