The Spanish and Latin American countries of the world are our laboratories, and we encourage our students to immerse themselves, as much as possible, in a Spanish-speaking community.

Spanish at Bucknell extends beyond the classroom. The Department of Spanish and the Office of Multicultural Student Services present an exhibition for the festival of Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

The permanent collection of the Samek Art Museum is home to works by Spanish and Latin American artists including Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya.

The Bertrand Library has an excellent collection of foreign language films, including more than 130 films in Spanish. Spanish music collections are also available as are more than 200 titles in children's literature in Spanish.

Web resources abound for topics like:

  • Research on Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • Spanish Language Learning and Teaching Resources
  • Spanish Country Resources
  • Cultural Links
  • Selected Spanish Graduate Programs
  • Using the MLA Biography

  Find them here