Students discover their own creativity and awaken their imagination gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their world through the study and practice of theatre. They develop an awareness of multiple perspectives by interpreting a variety of theatrical forms and by exploring the unique visions of theatre artists. Students gain expertise in creative problem solving, visual and kinetic literacy, oral communication, and collaboration.

Bucknell offers a major in theatre as well as three minors: acting and directing; design and technology; and general theatre. || View the requirements for theatre majors and minors.


The six-credit curriculum for a minor in dance is designed to provide a broad perspective and solid foundation in the technical, theoretical, and practical experience necessary for the development of intelligent dance artists. The minor is intended to enable liberal arts students who are pursuing other challenging academic disciplines the opportunity to explore high quality dance, performance, and research throughout their college career. The curriculum acknowledges studio training as paramount to the field of study, offering classes in a variety of dance styles, with an emphasis on proficiency in both ballet and modern techniques. Many technique and performance courses are repeatable for credit in recognition of the importance of consistent and ongoing training at the appropriate level. Dance history and composition form the core of the theoretical requirements and are enhanced by cross-disciplinary course work in costume, lighting, scenic, sound design, or another complimentary discipline. || View the requirements for dance minors.