Spring 2013

Mona Mohammed '15

Girls Reproductive Healthcare in Yemen: Provision vs. Tradition

While the Yemeni government struggles with the provision of reproductive health, through clinics, and trained personnel, the access of these institutions by women and girls remains at a minimum. The media have helped create a shift in the culture and perceptions of healthcare in Yemen, especially among the youth. Despite cultural resistance, young people are for the first time hearing about reproductive health and equality. I propose that the main constraint on the improvement of reproductive healthcare in Yemen is a combination of limited provision and the lack of use due to culture and tradition. I will present two models that have created a Yemeni feminism in this community centered society, and will consider this emerging discourse in both the private and public spheres.

Steph Wyld ‘14

The Real Power at Play in the Sports Business

This presentation will focus on the realities of being female in the male-dominated world of sports and more specifically, ice hockey. Through my experiences, I will examine both sexism and power relations from the perspective of a player, a referee, and an intern for a professional sports team.

Malyse Uwase ‘13

The Multiple Faces of Conflict: Rape used as a Weapon of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The use of rape as a weapon of war has transformed human bodies into battlefields. Recently after many years of denial, the international community has condemned the use of rape in conflict and recognized it as a crime against humanity, a weapon of war, and genocide. By focusing on the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo where sexual violence is prevalent, this presentation will look at how the international community gradually condemned this human rights violation, and if efforts to end its use have been effective thus far.

Lima Ahmad ‘13

Women’s Interest in Political Discussions

This presentation is based on my personal experience during the presidential elections while in the United States and France. I will compare and discuss women’s involvement in political discussion in these two countries. I have encountered women from different paths of life, students, teachers, housewives and more. In my experience I have noticed a huge gap between the political interests of women in these two countries. In addition, my presentation will focus on the materials from my class Women and Politics at Bucknell, and my research for comparison between electoral and direct voting systems in France.

Kety Silva ‘14

A Home Away From Home

The NGO Verdefam, receives grants to offset the costs of gynecological exams, ultrasounds, STI exams, contraceptive methods, pregnancy tests, and family planning options. This presentation will focus on healthcare policy, legislation, and how a new sovereign state like Cape Verde tackles political and sociological issues surrounding healthcare access.

Fall 2012

Fall 2012 events poster

Ana Aguilera Silva ‘14

This is Me: A Journey of Identity and Intersectionality

This is Me” is a project based on personal stories written by diverse members of our campus community. This presentation will explain the creative and theoretical process behind it.

Lois-An Gregory ‘13

Child Sexuality: Middle Eastern Girls in Western Societies

Aliyah Johnson ‘14

Meet Me at the Intersection: Perceptions, Positions, and Performances at Bucknell

Julia Bonnell ‘14

Challenging the New Normal: Bisexual and Transgender Erasure within a Monosexual Dichotomy