Spring 2015

Spring 2015 series poster

Abbey Brundage ‘16 and
Tatham Dilks ‘15

Mental Health, Women’s Lives, and Incarceration

People with mental health issues are over-represented in the criminal justice system. Female inmates have higher rates of mental health diagnoses compared to men. This presentation will explore the result of an action research project conducted collaboratively by women incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution at Muncy and Bucknell students enrolled in the Inside-Out course, “Women and the Penal System,” in Spring 2014.

Turner Stulting ‘16

Transfeminism: Activism vs. Academia

What does it mean to be an activist? What does it mean to be an academic? Can you be both? Drawing on my own experiences as an activist and a student, I will explore how transfeminism, a blend of feminist theory and transgender studies, challenges the intersection of activism and academia.

Hannah Cordes ‘15

What is Women’s Honor?

Hannah will explore women in theatre and the systematic elimination of female playwright's from the theatrical canon. Using the play, Woman's Honor by Susan Glaspell as a case study (a play that she directed last semester for the Bucknell Department of Theatre and Dance), she will discuss feminism and theatre, including the potential role of theatre as a vehicle for social change.

Sydney Schiffman ‘15

Men in the Femisphere: What it Takes to Be a Male Feminist

In this talk, Schiffman will touch upon concrete topics like the male gaze and male privilege, as well as consider more abstract themes such as whether or not men can actually be feminists or if they can only be allies to the feminist cause. In addition, she will talk about navigating feminism as a male and the importance of bridging the gap between rhetoric (talking the talk) and action (walking the walk).

Fall 2014

Heather Hennigan, ‘15

"Rough," "Tough," and "Rational": Reclaiming Emotion and Researching Personal Tragedy

Heather Hennigan '15 posterJoin Heather Hennigan '15 as she explores her senior WGS project in terms of both process and product. Heather will explain her reclamation of the traditional research paper, focusing primarily on her newly developed "research-response" methodology that integrates both objective and subjective information, and will also discuss how she used her WGS education to process and cope with a devastating medical crisis. | View the poster

Somer Dice ‘15

Boy or Girl?: Understanding Equality

Somer Dics '15 poster"Boy or Girl?" will provide an introspective spoken word journey exploring the existence of present day gender roles. Through connections of historical law and norms combined with ancient scientific theory, we will examine current social constructions and seek how they can be altered to better fit the now. Please come with your own perspective as well as with questions and help bring together world views in regards to gender equality. | View the poster