Spring 2016

Lindsey Ruff ‘16

Prostitution & the Sex Trade

Lindsay Ruff '14 presentation posterVarious countries, including the U.S., Denmark, Sweden, and The Netherlands, have different policies and outlooks regarding "Prostitution & The Sex Trade". This talk will explore the various stakeholders in this issue including politicians, police officers, NGOs, non-profits, and sex workers themselves. This presentation will focus on the varying conceptualizations of the relationship between prostitution and trafficking, and how these differing perspectives inform different government's policies. Namely, it will focus on whether or not different governments treat consent as possible within prostitution. | View the poster

Meghan Balot ‘15

Queer Bodies and Storytelling

Meghan Balot '15 posterQueer people have unique relationships with their bodies that are impacted by the many intersections of their various identities and experiences — including sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, as well as broader cultural norms. The aim of my research project has been to lift up queer voices by giving my queer-identifying peers a space to talk about and visually represent their bodies. This presentation will address the stories and images that I have collected from them, each revolving around a specific body part. Together, they form a collective “body” of stories and images from which a number of themes emerge: beauty, reclamation, pain, agency, family, expectations, and more. | View the poster

Mona Mohammed ‘16

Mona Mohammed '16 posterIn the West, Arab women are often portrayed as voiceless and in need of rescue from more liberated Western women and men. Yet, Arab women have engaged in feminist thinking and movement for many decades. In this presentation, I will give an overview of the history of feminist movements in the Arab world. By focusing on two different forms of feminism: National Pan Arab feminism and Islamic feminism, I will present some of the basic principles in Arab feminism and explain the contexts in which they arose. Then I will share my own perspective and experience, as a Yemeni feminist. | View the poster