In the College of Arts & Sciences, we have designed a curriculum that:

  • provides you with the foundational preparation for a lifetime of critical thinking and civic engagement;
  • offers you opportunities for intellectual exploration and in-depth study in an academic discipline;
  • prepares you for meaningful involvement with a rapidly changing world characterized by diverse individual perspectives, globalization and multi-cultural interactions, and scientific/technological innovation; and
  • provides you with opportunities to build and enhance your abilities to understand the social and natural worlds around you; to analyze, evaluate, and integrate the information available to you; and to synthesize and communicate thought effectively.

Intellectual Skills

Foundation Seminar
Lab Science
Integrated Perspectives*
Foreign Language

Tools for Critical Engagement

Diversity in the U.S.
Global Connections
Environmental Connections
Quantitative Reasoning

Disciplinary Perspectives (2 from each division; one course must meet each set of divisional learning goals)

Arts & Humanities
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Social Sciences

Disciplinary Depth

The Major(s)
Academic Conventions of Writing, Speaking, and Information Literacy
Culminating Experience

* Required for the Class of 2018 and beyond. One course from each of the Tools for Critical Engagement categories may also count as a course within the Disciplinary Perspectives categories, but not the Disciplinary Perspectives course(s) used to meet the CCC learning goals. AP and IB credits may only be used to fulfill requirements that are not linked to learning goals. Those credits transferred from other institutions may be used to fulfill requirements with or without learning goals only when approved by the appropriate department chair or the coordinator of the CCC. Any course that fulfills a College Core Curriculum requirement can count toward a major or minor or to fulfill the Writing Requirement. Courses satisfying major requirements may satisfy other requirements.