Board of Review

1. In attendance: besides the members of the Board and the Secretary, the student charged with academic dishonesty, the associate dean of the student’s College, and, if the student so desires, an adviser chosen by the student. (The advisor must be a member of the University community, may not be a practicing attorney, and is present solely to advise and assist the student.  The advisor does not participate in the proceedings or address the board during the meeting).  The faculty member charging the student may also be present.

a. Introductions by board members and statement of confidentiality by Secretary.

b. Reading and signing by the student of statement acknowledging receipt of the charges.

c. Meeting conducted by the Chair.

d. Chair asks student to recount the events that led up to the charges.

e. Questioning of student by Board.  (The Chair may also permit the student to summarize his or her position on the charges after questioning is completed.) 

f.  Chair asks faculty member, if present, for comments.

g. Departure of student, advisor and associate dean when questioning is finished.

h. Optional contact by chair of Board with the instructor (or other accuser) for purposes of clarification, if needed.  If additional information that is material in the Chair’s judgment is obtained through this contact, the Chair shall also convey this information to the associate dean;  the Chair and the associate dean will then convey it to the student and seek further clarification from student, if the Chair deems it appropriate.  If the Chair believes this additional information would be helpful to the Board in its deliberations, the Chair will convey it either verbally or in writing to the other members of the Board.

i. Consideration of evidence in closed session.

j. Determination whether the University’s policy on academic responsibility has been violated.

k. Determination of penalty, if a violation is found.

2. The Secretary transmits the Board’s action to associate dean.

3. The associate dean notifies the student of the Board’s determination and action and transmits the action to the instructor.

4. Action taken by the Board is documented by the Board Secretary and signed by the Board Chair.

5. The Board may modify or adapt these guidelines as appropriate.


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