Availability of Publications

Many of the publications listed in this database are freely available in portable document format (PDF) on the World Wide Web. Users of this database can simply click on the links provided to link to these publicly available documents at sites outside Bucknell’s domain.

Some publication types may have more restricted access because of copyright rules. Some peer-reviewed articles, for instance, can only be accessed if you either: (1) retrieve a traditional or electronic copy by visiting a library that subscribes to a particular journal, or (2) retrieve an electronic copy after paying an access fee, which can vary greatly depending on the journal. For option (1), you can find out which libraries near you might have a particular article or journal by searching a comprehensive database called “WorldCat” (www.worldcat.org). WorldCat has catalogued information and content from thousands of libraries across the world, enabling you to locate the nearest library that has your desired article. See below for more information on using WorldCat.

In some cases access to the full text will be restricted while a summary or abstract of the publication content will be freely available.

Using WorldCat for scholarly articles

Searching the WorldCat website resembles a search in Google or similar search engine. A good first step is to type in specific words from the title of the article you wish to find. (You could also input keywords or author names in your search.) The search results will show the article title, author(s), journal title, and in most cases, the name of a library that has the article. WorldCat does not provide you with the physical article, but can provide a location (i.e., a library) where you can find it. The site also offers links to “Ask a librarian” if you need additional assistance. WorldCat is continually expanding and may not include listings of all libraries in your area. However, it is possible that your library may be able to perform an inter-library loan if another library has the desired material. More suggestions on how to use WorldCat can be found at http://www.worldcat.org/whatis/local/default.jsp . WorldCat does not catalogue content from generic websites, only published content that would be available at an library.

Payment for individual articles

In cases where journal access is restricted, many journal websites will offer the option to buy an individual journal article. Consult the website of the journal in question for specific guidelines on what services are included in a payment, such as one-time electronic PDF download, short-term access to online content (e.g. for a specified number of days or hours), or other conditions. The decision to purchase articles would be made on a case-by-case basis by an individual. In no way would these transactions be affiliated with or endorsed by the Bucknell MSI publications database. The Bucknell MSI publications database merely identifies existing publications.


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