Nina Banks

Professor Banks' research analyzes the effects of racial and gendered ideologies on African American migrants in Pittsburgh during the World War I Great Migration era.


131 Academic West
P: 570.577.1652

Glynis Carr

Professor Carr's interests include American literature, feminist theory, GLBT and gender studies, and ecocriticism.


207C Vaughan Literature Bldg
P: 570.577.3118

Greg Clingham

Professor Clingham teaches courses on literature 1660-1860 and on a wide range of texts in their relations with orientalism, law, history, memory, translation, landscape, the environment, and the exotic


6 Taylor Hall
P: 570.577.1552 or 570.577.3674

Margaret Cronin

Peg Cronin is a writing and teaching consultant in the Writing Center.


100A Roberts Hall
P: 570.577.3141

Michael Drexler

Professor Drexler teaches courses on early American literature and the cultures of colonial contact, exploration, and settlement. His research interests concern the material and cultural legacy of colonialism in post revolutionary America.


203 Vaughan Literature Bldg
P: 570.577.1329

Robert Gainer

Professor Emeritus Robert Gainer served as Chair of Bucknell's Department of Theatre and Dance. His interests include stage direction, acting, dance, multi-disciplinary performance/arts and modern British theatre and culture.

Renée Gosson

Professor Gosson's research concentrates on the neocolonial French presence in Martinique, read through various cultural sites: literature, landscape, and commemorative statues.


169 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.1748

Michelle C. Johnson

Professor Johnson is a cultural anthropologist specializing in religion and ritual in West Africa and in the contemporary African diaspora. She teaches courses on Africa, religion, the life course, anthropological theory, and ethnography.


324 Academic West
P: 570.577.1354

Angèle Kingué

Professor Kingué is interested and has conducted research on the teaching of Francophone African literature and culture, and foreign language pedagogy.


165 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.1351

Barry Long

Professor Long directs the jazz ensemble and teaches coursework in jazz and music theory. He is currently working on a recording project inspired by spirituals and iconic Civil Rights photography.


212 Sigfried Weis Music Bldg
P: 570.577.1312

Dustyn Martincich

Professor Martincich's research areas are in the intersections of dance and theatre performance, communication of narrative through performance, and in the roots of jazz dance, social dance, and musical theatre.


233 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.2904

Shara McCallum

Professor McCallum is the author of four books of poetry. Her poems have appeared in journals, anthologies, and textbooks and have been translated into Spanish and Romanian.


11 Bucknell Hall
P: 570.577.3038

Bridget M. Newell

Bridget M. Newell is the associate provost for diversity.


210 Marts Hall
P: 570.577.1561

Harriet Pollack

Professor Pollack teaches American literature and is currently writing about and teaching courses that consider the racialized body in the contexts of Southern literature, history, and cultural trauma.


217 Vaughan Literature Bldg
P: 570.577.1355

Berhanu Nega

Professor Nega became the first elected mayor of Ethiopia in 2005 and was promptly jailed by the ruling party for 20 months. Since his release, Nega has urged Western nations to back democratic movements in Ethiopia and other African countries.


134 Academic West
P: 570.577.3442

Meenakshi Ponnuswami

Professor Ponnuswami's interests include modern drama, theatre history, and performance theory. Her publications focus on postwar British theatre, most recently on the work of black British and British Asian playwrights.


207A Vaughan Literature Bldg
P: 570.577.1654

Vincent Stephens

Vincent Stephens is the Director of Multicultural Student Services (MSS). He coordinates annual heritage month celebrations, administers the MSS Ambassadors and the T.E.A.M. Peer Mentor Program, trains student leaders in cultural awareness and supports underrepresented students.


59 Langone Center
P: 570.577.1095

Carol Wayne White

Professor White's teaching and research interests include philosophy of religion, process philosophy and theism, French poststructuralist philosophies, feminist theory and religion, religious naturalism, and science and religion.


10 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.3526

Thelathia "Nikki" Young

Professor Young's research focuses on ethical issues of race, gender, and sexuality, and particularly emphasizes the ways that black queer communities possess, embody, and enact moral excellence.


103 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.1928

George Shields

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, George Shields is a national leader in undergraduate research. He has collaborated with over 100 undergraduates in meaningful projects in the fields of computational chemistry, structural biochemistry and science education.


113 Marts Hall
P: 570.577.3292


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