Our Institute for Leadership in Technology & Management (ILTM) was founded in 1993 to offer our students a unique learning experience that bridges the disciplines of engineering and management.

For more information, contact:

Joe Tranquillo, Co-Director
Associate Professor of Biomedical & Electrical Engineering
jvt002@bucknell.edu, 570.577.1758

Eric Santanen, Co-Director
Associate Professor of Management
esantane@bucknell.edu, 570.577.3652


The students hear lectures and attend workshops by Bucknell faculty and corporate leaders, travel to selected industrial and business sites, and work with companies on significant and real-world management and technological projects.

18 to 24

of the best and most highly motivated rising juniors in engineering, management, and the liberal arts to engage in an intensive, six-week, on-campus program that focuses on globalization, ethics, communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

On-campus program

During the summer one year after the on-campus program, students are expected (but not required) to participate in off-campus internships that involve work at the confluence of technology and management and allows them to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the on-campus program. ILTM students are often able to secure more meaningful and challenging internships than have students who have not participated in ILTM.

On-Campus Summer Course

ILTM Overview

Origins and Principles of ILTM
ILTM was founded in 1991 with a gift of $1 million from former Bucknell student and current trustee Larry Breakiron.

On-Campus Summer Course
The ILTM program is intentionally very ambitious with correspondingly high expectations for the students.

Off-Campus Summer Internship
In the second summer of the ILTM, rising juniors who have completed the first summer program participate in off-campus internships.

Core Faculty
Introduction and biographies for the core faculty members of the ILTM program.

Related Publications
Publications related to the ILTM program.

Application details for the ILTM program.

On-Campus Summer Course


ILTM graduates are uniquely poised to become leaders of organizations seeking to gain competitive advantage from the unprecedented technological, information, and environmental changes occurring in the world today. ILTM graduates also better understand the need to act ethically and responsibly to sustain a healthy balance between technologies, the natural and built environments, and the global economy.

"I think the most valuable thing I will take away will not be the writing, presenting, or other types of skills, but an overall change in mindset. I think the program has made me see the importance of focus, dedication, and confidence."



Bucknell's Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM) was founded


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